Introducing Alpha Property Holdings

ALPHA PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED is an E-Mail-Marketing Agency based in London. Our mission is to help all businesses succeed with E-Mail-Marketing, regardless of your company’s size or budget. Since 2018, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses create profitable E-Mail-Marketing campaigns.

About Us

At ALPHA PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED, we understand that the right target group is essential for an effective email campaign. We work with marketers, publishers, agencies, business and big brands, we identify and analyze their needs and provide results-oriented e-mail marketing campaigns. Whether the objective is to achieve better response rates, acquire new customers, retain valued existing ones, build brand awareness or more conversions and sales, Alpha Property can target any audience via our opted-in based email.

Target Audience

We have compiled accurate opt-in email lists for your email marketing campaigns of all types. The source of our email lists are sweepstakes, online surveys and co-sponsoring. In addition, we enrich our Consumer Database with features and affinities from Market segment-like campaigns. This way we ensure that we target your potential customer with information about your products or service.

Achieve better response rates, more conversions, and greater overall sales by booking our email lists.

Examples Market Audiences


DSL contracts, mobile phone contracts, landline connections, display sealing, etc.

Cars & Mobility

car sales, car purchase, test drives, car presentations etc.

Banking & Finance

loans, overnight money, checking accounts, fixed deposits, credit cards, cryptocurrencies etc.

Dating & Social Media

dating, flirtation and friendship portals, etc.

Lottery & Online Gaming

lotteries, online games, online gaming platforms Competitions, online casino, etc.


glasses, contact lenses, eye lasers, hearing aids, hearing implants, etc.

House & Garden

home furniture, mattresses, garden furniture, etc.


health insurance, life insurance, death insurance, dental insurance, motor vehicle insurance, etc.

Talk to Us

20-22, Wenlock Road
London, N1 7GU, Great Britain

Company No 11535879
Registered in England
Director: Nuban CHEWACHAN

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